25th September 2018

Global Instructors : Anastasia Pistofidou, Cecilia Raspanti, Fiore Basile

In the introduction class we will introduce the team coordinating the academy and contextualize the scope of the program. Highlighting the common values and principles for which the program stands for and the framework in which we will operate. The class will give the students an overview of the main aspects and tools for documenting their work, in order to be able to shape their personal websites. These tools will be put into practice by describing the possible final project and drafting a first sketch of it in their documentation websites.

Program outline

  • Introductions
  • Values and Principles, scope of the program
  • Overview of calendar
  • Context: the textile and clothing industry, sustainability, innovation and technology
  • Project management, Documentation and Website

Tools and software

  • computer
  • simple text editor

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the common values and principles for which the program stands
  • Learn the process and tools used to document course work
  • Acquire the necessary skills to publish projects, documentation and share the results of each assignment


  • Build a personal site describing you, your portfolio and motivation of attending the Fabricademy
  • Create all the links for all the classes and connect them to the wiki
  • Include a small tutorial on how you designed your website
  • Plan and sketch a potential final project and add it to your website.
  • Upload it to the class archive

How will it be evaluated

  • Build a documentation website describing you and your motivation for the textile-academy, your portfolio and how you designed your website
  • Upload it to the
  • Create all the links of all the Classes on your wiki and link them to your external website
  • Draft your idea for a final project, add references and research based on the topic of your interest