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E-Textile Workshop at TPL

TPL SheMakes Modules - Photo by Kamil Garbacz TPL SheMakes Modules - photo by Kamil Garbacz (Textile Prototyping Lab, Berlin 2022)

Path Target Duration Skills
Discovery 18-25 2 days E-Textiles, electronics connections, smart garments design, embedded programming, digital embroidery, lasercut

Introduction and context

This tutorial summarizes the main highlights of the E-Textiles Workshop. The workshop was mainly formaster students studying Textile and Surface Design from Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (KHB)and another group of students Garment Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW) as a part of Material Innovation master course. The workshop was directed to introduce the students to E-Textiles and to provide consultation and assistance to shape the students' projects that will be implemented during the semester.


The main objective of this workshop is to explore different concepts related to the basics of building soft circuits and wearables using e-textiles materials and TPL modular kit to make interesting interactive smart garments.

  • Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of the e-textiles and smart materials to make interactive projects.

  • Use pArduino programming with TPL tool kit modules to enable control or design of smart or automated circuts.
  • Identify and formulate ideas for the wearable projects.

The workshop was planned to be delivered for a group of 9-12 students working in 3-4 groups.

Preparation and materials

Matériel à préparer d'avance: - Download Arduino IDE software (Open Sourcet) - TPL tool kit modules - E-textiles and smart materials - Conductive Threads - Papers, pencils, projector and laptops


    * Digital Embroidery Machine
    * Laser Cutting Machine
    * Tables and chairs
    * Projector for demonstration and laptops


    * TPL Tool kit modules
    * Arduino IDE software download (Open Source)
    * Needles
    * Multimeter
    * DC power supply and batteries
    * Papers
    * pencils


    * E-textiles and smart materials 
    * Conductive threads 
    * Other fabrics to test.

Workshop Slides

Shots from the workshop

Last update: May 25, 2022