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Networking event: Kick off & self mapping activity

Path and modules
Innovation, Future Narratives

Target Age Duration Objective
alumni & active community members all ages (25+) 2 hours Networking event - kick off mapping

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Preparation and materials

  • Invite your close and active community members or alumni that have taken interesting development journeys, the ones that created their own paths or are starting to do so!
  • We suggest to mix the group you invite: invite alumni of different years or community members that are part of different groups and don’t often meet, to create new networks and connections organically.
  • Organize an evening for all of you to come together, you can also do this with multiple labs at the same time, this creates an even more diverse group.
  • Ask them to prepare a few slides each, to introduce themselves on the day of the online or in-person event.
  • Prep a career mapping canvas on miro, you can use the one below or make your own based on your own experience and intuition, please share your new version ;)

Initial Career mapping


Stemming from the interviews, we developed a map of the common career paths taken by the alumni, within the clothing and textile sector, we identified four macro-areas: academia and research, culture and society, art, and the industry. Hereunder you can find a list of the areas and paths that came up with, feel inspired to explore an area you have not, or add new possibilities to your personal list.

Macro areas Textile & Clothing sector

  • Academia & Research
  • Culture & Society
  • Art, Performance & Textile Arts
  • Industry / Design & Production
  • Industry / Technologies
  • Industry / Communications & Coordination

Macro areas of career path

  • Researcher / Educator
  • Designer
  • Artist & Content curators
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Manager


  • Teacher Educator
  • Researcher in Academia
  • Independent researcher
  • Independent designer
  • Wearable tech pioneer
  • Industry Innovator
  • Sustainability advocate
  • Heritage Explorer
  • Textile / Performance / Material Artist
  • Advocate for change
  • Lab director / social entrepreneur
  • Independent Innovator
  • Expert / Mentor
  • Manager / Coordinator


The first career mapping in SheMakes can be found below.

00_CareerMapping2First Career mapping

Last update: January 18, 2022