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Creating interviews while discovering inspiring profiles

Path and modules
Innovation, Future Narratives

Target Age Duration Objectives
Labs & Gurus all ages (25+) 2 hours Interview areas

In order to explore deeper research topics with women innovators that participated in the Fabricademy, we conducted fifteen in-depth video interviews (of approximately 1 hour) to deepen the subject. Each lab interviewed a different group of women so that a broad scope of career paths with a variety of skilled experiences from the network was covered: from wearable tech pioneers to heritage explorers, and from lab directors to independent researchers. Recording these moments also allows us to share the stories of these women in our network - and provide them with a platform to inspire and reach other girls and women.

What we asked them

In exploring the paths of our alumni and community of young entrepreneurs, four main areas of research were prioritized, asking specific questions about each area:

  • Career-related skills & knowledge: Which skills/knowledge (coming from Fabricademy or not) were valuable to empower/enable them as innovators and prepared them to achieve their current job position?

  • Role of an enabling environment: Which role did Fabricademy and/or the lab ecosystem play in their career path?

  • Gaps & Opportunities: What are the gaps or opportunities in terms of skills/knowledge these women had to overcome (or still have to)?

  • Gender topics: Were there specific gender-related topics? What were the aspects that enabled or hindered them as women throughout their careers?

Download the interview questions PDF

Tips and tricks

  • Make sure the background of the interviewee doesnt distract
  • Have a little chat at first as an icebreaker - to make the interviewee feel comfortable
  • Ask the interviewee to speak loud and clear, a bit slower than what feels natural
  • Ask the interviewee to introduce themselves briefly
  • Ask open questions
  • Ask the interviewee to repeat the question when answering
  • Pay attention to what the interviewee is saying - sometimes new questions are needed to dive deeper into the content

Last update: February 2, 2022