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Class 9: Textile Scaffold#

Global Instructor: Anastasia Pistofidou

Technical textiles have various applications, among which agrotech, building, clothes, geotech, sports, healthcare. This class broadens the perspective of the techniques, processes and applications of technical textiles with references and inspiration of various disciplines. Fabricademy participants are asked to use textiles and fibers to create a textile scaffold or use textile as formwork for their structures.

Program outline#

  • Technical textiles overview and applications
  • Crystallization
  • Textile formwork
  • Concrete casting
  • CNC Milling
  • Composites



Material Details
Wooden blocks for CNC milling
Resins polyester, epoxy, bio resin
Gelatine, cornstarch, agar agar for bio-composites
Fabrics lycra fabrics, bleed fabric
Textile hardner for composites
Vacuum bags for composites
Concrete for casting
Borax, Rochelle salt, Potassium sodium, Epsom Salt, Sugar for crystallization


  • Produce small samples of textile composite. Compare and document their qualities.
  • Design and create a fabric formwork to cast concrete or liquid marble into it.
  • Design and create a scaffold of fibers to grow crystals on it
  • Design and CNC mill a mold.
  • Design and create a fabric composite deriving from a 3D mold.
  • Design and create your own textile scaffold with an alternative technique of your choice.
  • Participants need to select 2 out of 3 techniques and create their prototypes.

Evaluation and assessment#

Check the Assessment Criteria


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Last update: October 31, 2022