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Class 13: Skin electronics#

Global Instructor: Katia Vega

Inspired by invisible computing, augmenting human capabilities and magic, this class proposes novel ways of interacting with the world. The focus is on Katia Vega´s Beauty Technology, a wearable computing subfield that integrates technology into cosmetics to be applied directly to one’s skin, fingernails and hair in order to transform the body’s surface in an interactive platform. Conductive Makeup, Tech Nails, FX e-makeup and Hairware are some of Beauty Technologies. Connect your body with environment and enhance your communication.

Program Outline#

  • Introuction
  • Projects
  • Electronics on the skin
  • RFID tags
  • References


  • Multimeter
  • Soldering iron (Soldering station)
  • Pliers, wire stripper, flush snips, tweezers
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Embroidery / Sewing machine
  • (PCB milling machine)


Material Details
Microcontroller Arduino UNO or ATtiny
ATtiny ATtiny45 or ATtiny85
AVR programmer or Arduino UNO
Arduino kit Arduino Starter kit
Adafruit Gemma Gemma board
FTDI cable or FTDI board
Neopixels sewable Flora neopixels
Capacitor Capacitor 10uF
Threads resistive/conductive threads
Inks resistive/conductive inks for e-make up
RFID tags +RFID board and shield
Craft glue E600
Liquid latex for e-make up
Gold leaf sheet for e-make up
Thermochromic ink for e-make up
Actuators Mini vibration motors, speakers…
Wires jumpers, alligator clips wires


  • Document the concept, sketches, references also to artistic and scientific publications
  • Design a skin circuit:
    • Build your own version of the “Skin masquerade party” project or
    • Build your own version of the “Twinkle Nails” project
  • Document the project and included all source files and all materials used
  • Make a video with your skin electronic working
  • Make a performance of your project functioning

Evaluation and assessment#

Check the Assessment Criteria


Fabricademy Tutorials - Skin Electronics

Last update: October 31, 2022