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Fabricademy Bootcamp 2023 Amman

This year, our annual Bootcamp will take place in Jordan, from 20-27th May 2023 and will be hosted at Fab Lab Techworks Amman.

During the course, participants will explore new possibilities and alternatives to the current textile and clothing manufacturing systems guided by Fabricademy, textile and fashion designers invited artits and makers from all over the world.
They will have the opportunity to experiment with digital fabrication technologies and traditional processes, biofabricating colors and materials using living bacteria and food waste, crafting soft sensors for wearable applications. During the week they will have the possibility to experiment closely with international experts and local communities, discover Jordan’s unique sites, museums and current exhibitions related to the topics of the Bootcamp.

Hands-on activities

  • Open Source Circular Fashion
  • 3D Printing Textiles
  • Biofabricating Colours
  • Biofabricating Materials
  • E-textiles & Wearable technology
  • Computational Design
  • Open Source Hardware
  • Wool Research
  • Soft Robotics
  • Working groups

Fab Lab Information


TechWorks Amman is the main center of activities and it is located inside the King Hussein Business Park in Amman.
Techworks Amman is a Fab Lab part of the International Fab Lab Network, a coworking and open space open for the public, equipped with advanced technologies, tools and machines for experimentation and research around the topic of digital fabrication, with specifc equipment for woodworking and metalworking. It is an initiative of the Crown Prince Foundation.

Laboratory Equipment


Tools, machines, available at location lab

  • TechWorks CPF
  • Address: King Hussein Business Park – Building 23

Exhibitions & Local visits