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Day 04

Tuesday 23/05

Location: TechWorks Amman


  • 09:30-10:00 Morning coffee
  • 10:00-11:00 Invited Designer Presentation
  • 10:00-11:00 Wool research - Hands-on workshop with Ishraq Zraikat
  • 13:00-14:00 Lunch
  • 14:00-16:30 E-textiles & Wearables Lecture & Hands-on
  • 16:30-18:00 Soft Robotics Lecture & Workshop
  • 18:00-19:00 Focus Groups


  • E-textiles Introduction

The lecture by Emma Pareschi introduces the participants to e-textile hands-on activities, by providing them an overview about novel materials, electronics and programming. The presentation will highlight several projects on the topic of tech & crafts and the following hands-on workshop will focus on merging local materials and traditional techniques with digital fabrication processes and DIY electronics.

  • Hands-on: Crafting Soft Sensors

Supported by Fabricademy team and TechWorks staff, participants will learn how to design and craft their own soft circuits and sensors, experimenting with conductive fabrics, threads and electronics.

  • Hands-on: Open Source Hardware

The activity explores the open source hardware field focusing on the techniques, tools and machines that create traditional fabrics. How to update obsolete machines for producing textile? How to take advantage of digital fabrication and open source technology to come up with an open source machine for knitting, weaving and invent new techniques. Participants will learn how to hack, both existing machines and tools, creating open source accessible machinery for a broader public.

This ahands-on session focuses on the design and fabrication of laser cut tools and low-tech machines for textile production that can be easily fabricated and assembable. Participants will use parametric design and laser cutting techniques to design and fabricate traditional tools for processing wool and local fibers. The tools created will be useful for collaborative activities in the lab as well as in rural areas with local communities.

  • Hands-on: Tech & Crafts

In this workshop, participants will finally learn how to control, program and embed their soft circuits into interactive garments and wearables that are inspired by the local cultural heritage of Jordan.

  • Focus Groups

Researching and experimenting together. Participants will ideate & develop a project in a team along with experts and participants around the topics tackled in the program and during the week.


  • Velostat
  • Copper tape / fabric
  • Servo motors
  • Mini vibration motors
  • Neopixels
  • Karl grimm thread (or any solderable thread)
  • Scrap fabric we can use for substrate
  • Needle / regular thread
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Transistors
  • Resistances kit
  • Jumper wires
  • Protoboard
  • Arduino Gemma / Circuit Playground
  • Arduino Uno
  • ATtiny
  • Eeontex pressure
  • Eeontex conductive
  • Batteries 2000mA 3.7V
  • Shape memory wire
  • Conductive fabrics
  • Conductive thread
  • Resistive fabrics

  • Woden boards

  • Acrylic boards
  • Local natural fibers
  • Textiles, threads,…



Suggested to bring with you:

  • Notebook and personal computer with Rhinoceros/Grasshopper and Fusion already installed
  • Materials (leather, fabrics..) you want to try and that you are working with to experiment