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The Bootcamp Fee includes morning coffee every day and a light lunch at the lab during the week of activities in Amman. Dinner and breakfast in the desert of Wadi Rum are also covered by the Bootcamp fee.

Please let us know if you have any allergies / intollerances beforehand and wheter you food preferences are vegeratian / vegan / other in order to better arrange the food at the locations.

  • Fab Lunch:

The daily lunch includes vegetarian and vegan options. Typical dishes are served during the lunch. They include rice, vegetables, chicken / meat meals.

Participants should arrange their own dinner for all the duration of the bootcamp in Amman.

Where to eat in Amman

Suggested restaurants around the city:

  • khashouka خاشوكة عبدون - Abdoun, Amman

    Arabic Restaurant, homemade typical dishes, vegetarian options available
    Open everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    Address: Saed Abdo Shammout St., Amman

  • Kekabji كبابجي الأردن شارع مكة - Abdoun

    Jordanian Restaurant, good quality food at a reasonable price, popular vegetarian and meat dishes
    Address: 89, Kababji Restaurant Mecca Al Mukarramah St, Amman

  • Alquds Restaurant - Downtown

    Local restaurant, known for Mansaf (Jordan’s national dish)
    typical place for tasting the national dishes
    Address: Complex No 8, King Al Hussein St 8, Amman

  • Hashem مطعم هاشم - Downtown

    Popular arabic street food restaurant in Downtown
    One of the oldest restaurant in Amman
    Address: King Faisal Street Amman, ʿAmman

  • Ward - Abdoun

    Spacious establishment featuring Lebanese & Middle Eastern cuisine, plus a terrace with fountains.
    Address: Al Munawwarah Street, Amman 11821

Suggested drink places in Amman:

  • Dali - Weidbeh
    Cozy outdoor bar with many food and drinks options in the heart of Weidbeh.
    Often crowded, famous spot among tourists and locals
    Address: Nicolas Ghanmah St. Building No.5 Amman, Jordan 11181

  • Maestro Bar and Restaurant - Weidbeh
    A music bar and restuarant in Weidbeh, Amman.
    It often hosts weekly live jam sessions. Good spot for drinks and dinner.
    Address: 52 شارع الباعونيـة، جبل اللويبدة 52 Al Ba’ouniyah Street, Jebel Al Weibdeh, Amman

  • Rustic - Weidbeh
    Friendly pub in Weibdeh. Daily happy hour with food and drinks available.
    Address: Al-Karmaly Street 17, Weibdeh, Amman

  • Biera - Bierة
    Local jordanian brewery indoor pub with a rooftop on the city.
    Great spot to enjoy the sunset. Food options available.
    Address: Ali Nassouh At-Taher St. 29, Amman

  • High Garden Rooftop - Abdoun
    Popular rooftop spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Abdoun among tourists and locals.
    Many food and drinks options available.
    Address: Riad Al-Mufleh St., Amman 11181


There are several supermakets located in different areas of the city. They include the big stores of Cosmo and Carrefour as well as local mini markets.