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Impact and Adoption

Introducing our latest venture, "Gawa Patterns," where we have meticulously curated a collection of traditional Bhutanese Textile Patterns transformed into versatile SVG files.

This project sounds simple but is exceedingly beneficial; these open-source files present a wealth of opportunities for diverse use cases.

Our mission is to connect end users, including print shops, designers, and internet users, with these now-versatile resources, enabling them to seamlessly incorporate Bhutanese cultural elements into various mediums such as signs, posters, t-shirts, and digital content.

To ensure widespread accessibility, we employ a two-fold approach. Firstly, we optimize our platform for SEO, allowing for organic discovery through natural search engine results. We use these SEO terms and hashtags on social media, intending to attract views. This empowers individuals seeking strongly Bhutanese visuals to stumble upon our extensive library of Gawa Patterns. This strategy has an incredibly long tail, and may represent the beginning of the digitization of Bhutan’s historic textile patterns.

Secondly, we proactively reach out to print shops, leveraging targeted emails to showcase the potential of these SVG files for enriching their creative projects. Through these efforts, we aim to foster a vibrant community of users who can confidently and respectfully integrate Bhutanese heritage into their endeavors, all while preserving and promoting the essence of Bhutan's rich cultural legacy.

Last update: July 23, 2023