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Video Conferencing and communication channels#

Video Conferencing#

Necessary Hardware / Connectivity#

  • Internet access (recommended at least 1MB upload/download speed)

  • Webcam (or one built into your computer)

  • Noise canceling microphone (or headphones with a built-in mic for individuals)

A noise cancelling speakerphone is recommended when connecting through a computer as a group for class (as opposed to a Polycom system). We currently recommend this speakerphone, but see the Fab Lab Inventory for the latest recommendation.


Fabricademy uses the Bluejeans conferencing system.

Please make yourself comfortable using it, so that you will be able to join classes and reviews.

How it works

  1. You will receive by email and through the other Fabricademy student channels a link and a pincode for the conference.

  2. Use this information when asked by the software.

Software options#

You have many options to connect:

  • Your PC with Chrome browser installed, just go to the link provided by Fabricademy
  • Your PC, downloading the Windows and Mac apps
  • Your mobile / tablet with the iOS and Android
  • Your phone, calling in the conference number

Bluejeans App#

The tutorial below will teach you how to use the native Mac or Windows App

Room Video Conferencing System#

Whatch the tutorial below for setting up Bluejeans with Polycom or any other H323-compatible MCU Client:


All Fabricademy students and instructors should join the Fabricademy Slack Channel in order to be able to discuss and interact with the global community.

The Slack channel is available at the following URL:

Class website#

All Fabricademy content, including lecture schedule, class notes and student pages is published in the Class website.


Students and instructors might receive urgent communications and weekly updates by email, so they need to make sure Fabricademy Coordination has a valid email address on record all the time.