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Fabricademy Nodes#

Hosting Fabricademy is open to different kinds of institutions like Fab Labs, creative spaces, fashion and design schools, artist studios. The Program is also open to organizations which are not Fab Labs. While some Fab Lab equipment is necessary to complete the course, having access to one nearby is considered acceptable.

Find below the list of Nodes currently hosting the Fabricademy this upcoming September.

Iaac - Fab Lab Barcelona Waag - TextileLab Amsterdam LeTextieLab Lyon Fab Lab Kamakura
Green Fabric IoTLab Suriname EchoFab Montreal Techworks Amman

Labs participating in previous editions

Open Dot Milano Ellora Atelie Fab Lab Leon Basque BioDesign Center
Fab Lab Onl’fait Fab Lab UPS Saclay Aegean Idea Lab Icelandic Textile Center
ZipHouse Moldova Dassault 3DExperienceLab Fab Lab Yucatan FabLab Esan
Matrix Innovation Lab Fab Lab ZOI Fab Lab Maya Fab Lab Kerala
Vigyan Ashram Zios Makerspace Fab Lab O Shanghai Vinn:Lab
Fab Lab ULB WeMake Milan HvA Amsterdam Fab Lab KampLint-Fort
Scale7 Doha Fab Lab Irbid Fab Lab Castelldefels Fab Lab Vancouver
Fab Lab Island Fab Lab Impact Fab Lab Quebec Fab Lab Zagreb
Fab Lab CIDI Fab Lab Vilnius Hall 4 Crclrty Hamburg


Fab Lab Barcelona, Spain#

Fab Lab Barcelona / Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Contact: Luciana Asinari, Ana Correa & Petra Garajová

TextileLab Amsterdam, The Netherlands#

Fab Lab Amsterdam / Waag Technology & Society
Contact: Cecilia Raspanti, Beatriz Sandini

Le Textile Lab, Lyon, France#

Contact: Pauline Gamore

Fab Lab UP Saclay, Paris, France#

Paris Saclay University
Contact: Romain Di Vozzo

Basque BioDesign Center, Spain#

Contact: Betiana Pavon, Adele Orcajada

Fab Lab Leon, Spain#

Contact: Nuria Robles

Matrix Open Innovation Lab Düsseldorf, Germany#

Matrix GmbH & Co. KG
Contact: Adriana Cabrera

Onl’fait, Geneva, Switzerland#

Contact: Cristina Olivotto

Aegean Idea Fab Lab, Paros Greece#

Contact: Kathy Sinclair

Green Fabric, Brussels,#

Contact: Valentine Fruchart

Middle East#

Techworks, Amman, Jordan#

Contact: Ismail Hakki, Claudia Simonelli

North America#

Echofab Fab Lab, Montreal, Canada#

Contact: Monique Chartrand

3D Experience Lab, Waltham, MA, USA#

Contact: Bali Abhishek, Dassault Systemes

South America#

Fab Lab Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico#

Contact: Trinidad Gomez

Ellora Ateliê, São Paulo, Brazil#

Contact: Angela Barbour

Fab Lab Esan, Lima, Peru#

Contact: Jorge Valerio

Fab Lab Yucatan, Mexico#

Contact: Oscar Díaz


Fab Lab Kamakura, Japan#

Contact: Jun Kawahara

Fab lab O Shanghai, China#

Contact: Saverio Silli

ZIOS Makerspace, Chandigarh, India#

Contact: Mahavir Singh

Fab Lab Vigyan Ashram, Maharashtra, India#

Pune, India

Fab Lab Kerala | Kerala Startup Mission, Kochi, India#

Contact: Nadeem Ahmed

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Last update: September 24, 2023