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Program Structure#

The 6-month Program of Fabricademy is structured in two phases.

  • 3-month intensive learning: 3 weekly online classes by global experts and weekly local trainings and assignments guided by the local instructors.
  • 3-month personal project development, mentored by local instructors and advised by global experts.

Global Classes#

From September to December

week 01 - State of Art week 02 - Digital Bodies week 03 - Open Source Circular Fashion
week 04 - Biochromes week 05 - E-textiles week 06 - Biofabricating Materials
week 07 - Computational Couture week 10 - Wearables week 09 - Textile Scaffold
week 13 - Skin Electronics week 14 - Project Proposals Presentations

Personal Project Development#

From January to March

The second phase (January to March) capitalises on all the learning of phase 1 in order to develop a mature personal project. Participants focus on individual in-depth applied project research, employing critical thinking, hard and soft skills for the development of innovative solutions that explore and implement more viable, sustainable and fair alternative systems of today. It is structured in biweekly meetings with a round of status check-in by participants and further presentations, reviews and mentoring sessions.

PPD 01. Review on Process & Workflow 02 PPD. Focus Group - Mentoring sessions PPD 03. Mid Term Presentations
PPD 04. Focus Group - Mentoring sessions PPD 05. Review on Storytelling & final prototype PPD 06. Final Projects Presentations

Last update: March 3, 2024