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Hello new (transfer) SheMakes Labs!

about shemakes

Who are transfer Labs?

SheMakes transfer Labs are all those labs (community spaces, fablabs, textilelabs, schools, innovation centers, makerspaces, etc) interested in contributing to an OpenToolkit to empower women of all ages, with a value driven approach.

Schedule Transfer Labs

Here you can find your miro space. note: if you don't have access, please drop the labs an email.

Activities 2022

FarmLab x x
Lottozero x x
CCD x x
Roglab x x
le TextileLab x x
Ziphouse x x
GreenFabric x x
Vivistop x x
Decode x x
Vivalab x x
TPL x x
IcelandicTC x x

I want to explore the 2021 activities!

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Shemakes Values

Shemakes Values helps creating a network that is value driven: objectives align, daily context and actions instead differ and create a multiplicity of apporaches and cases that feed the diversity. The 5 values are embedded in the approach in which we execute the activities,

Shemakes values chart

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Last update: August 3, 2022