We invited Ambassadors to reflect on their experiences and understand their ideas and their wishes for the future:

“How to develop in the future with the shemakes community.”
With this purpose, WP4 developed an interview session in which to discuss their feedback and ideas during the experience. As tools for the structure of the meeting, a form and a co-creation board summarised their wishes and further ideas to develop as a shemakes community.

The feedback form

This format helped to formulate the interview questions, while giving the Ambassadors time to reflect and complete their answers.
The form has four sections:

1. The personal experience with shemakes
2. The activities
3. Sketchbooks
4. Social media
1. The personal experience with shemakes
The first part describes what kind of impact the shemakes experience had on their personal and professional levels. Overall, the experience had a good influence in their lives.
For the 1st question in this category, 5 out of 7 answered that they “believe that the shemakes Ambassador has enhanced their practice to be a woman innovator in the textile and fashion industry.” The figure below shows how they described this.
2. The activities
Here the questions were about the different activities the Ambassadors did with the Gurus and the Transfer Labs during their biweekly sessions, the gift weave challenge, and the one-on-one sessions, and their opinions about these activities. Most of the Ambassadors found them to be useful. For the question “What did you like about the (biweekly sessions, gift weave challenge, the one-on-one sessions) meetings?”, 4 out of 7 answered as shown below.
3. Sketchbooks
Here they were asked about the tools that had been used and their opinions about them. They mostly were happy with the sketchbooks, though using Mural was confusing for all of them. They found that the workshop for planning the Sketchbook and the experience in the Transfer Lab with the Sketchbooks were the most useful.
Their reasons were as follows:
4. Social media
This final section aimed to know if the Ambassadors were planning to share their work via social media.
Only 2 of 7 answered, positively, as shown below:

Ambassadors’ co-creation feedback

A co-creative feedback session asked Ambassadors how they would identify with a badge, how they would inspire their peers, and what they had gained through their work with the Transfer Labs and overall as a part of the shemakes network.
The figure below shows selected badges for the Ambassador role: maker, listener, collaborator, courageous and empowering others, to feel supported.

We then discussed possibilities for improvement, asking the Ambassadors what they liked and what they wished was different about their experience, as well as their recommendations to the next round of Ambassadors.
For this part, every one shared their opinions about;
What they liked through their experience and what made the experience fruitful for them:
“Make Exchange and learn cross-cultural experiences from the beginning.”
“I learned not to be afraid of speaking in public.”
What kind of improvements they think that their teams need to make or something they want to change :
“Feedback from other Ambassadors”
“Communication / interaction with locals as most of the participants were international.”
What kind of new ideas for new skills and network they think it can be usefull from their previous experiences
“I wonder how we will keep in touch.”
“Communication on the activities”
What kind of advices to future Ambassadors they think they(the Ambassadors) may need in their new experience with shemake
“Cooperation with other Ambassadors or labs” “Contribute but explore things you don't know.”

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Last update: March 8, 2023