Gender Vision



In the Gender Vision sketchbook, WP4 expands the conversation of the online session on the shemakes vision. Here, the Ambassadors reflected on their personal experiences and then wrote down their points of view concerning the shemakes values. The aim here is to ensure that the Ambassadors would spread the shemakes values with a successful exchange between the local and global communities.


Examples from Ambassadors' sketchbooks

Here it shows how Ambassadors contribute their personal reflections on needs, barriers and frustration while interacting on the collective level and suggesting solutions. As the first sketchbook, the idea was to invite Ambassadors to create the habit of taking notes during the project and to explore how, individually and collectively, we can achieve change.

Here are some reflections and takeaways from the online session and an open invitation to reflect on how to apply them and create further conversation in the community during the meetings and the activities in the Transfer Labs.

The Values

The figures below illustrate how Ambassadors view from their own experience on the different values of shemakes;

Example from Alexandra's sketchbook (Business Engagement Ambassador) on Equal value.

Example from Marilena's sketchbook (Business Engagement Ambassador) on Collaborative value.

Example from Carla's sketchbook (Curiosity path Ambassador) on Welcoming Differences value.

Example from Carla's sketchbook (Curiosity path Ambassador) on Empowering value.

Example from Carla's sketchbook (Curiosity path Ambassador) on Inspiring value.

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Last update: March 8, 2023