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Little Wool Factory Workshop

Learning paths

Path Target Duration Skills
Discovery 18-25 1 day Cleaning, carding, spinning wool, building a spinnich machine, laser cutting


This workshop aims at introducing beginners to wool spinning and spinning machines. The aim is implement new technologies in the wool process and combine the knowledge of craftmanship with digital tools.

  • Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to prepare raw wool fleece for spinning

  • Learn how to work with spinning machines
  • Learn how to use a laser cutter
  • Laser cut your own DIY weaving loom
  • Build your own spinnng machine
  • 3D print your own drop spindle

Target audience and contexts of use

Students with an interest in textiles, art school teachers. If participants don't have basic knowledge of building their own spinning machine. Neither no experience with laser cutting or 3D printing.

Recommended number of participants: 8-10


  • 2 moderators for 10 participants

  • Assistive help: Margrét Katrin - TextileLab Project Manager (The Icelandic Textile Center) & documenting the process

  • Shemakes Ambassador: Petra Garajová (Fab Lab Barcelona IAAC)


  • Drinks & snacks
  • Projector & computer
  • Local wool
  • Carding machine * Hilo spinnng machines: MDF boards, screws, electronics


    • Presentation - Introduction & Set up (20 min)
    • Instructions: Components & Technology
    • Assembly: Laser cutted components
    • Electronics
    • Woolbreak (60 min)
    • Let it spin!: Wool spinning & weaving (2 h)

From fleece to yarns

- Drum carder
- Hand carding
- Hilo spinning machine
- Spinniing wheel
- Drop spindels
- Weaving: Laser cutted weaving looms
- Felting: Electric felting machine


The workshop started with an short introduction of local wool and its origin and properties. The wool had to be carded before using a spinning machine. We used a traditional spiinning machine and then a laser cutted version from Fabricademy and Hilo Studio. Participants laser cut and assembled their own machine. They also experimented with laser cutted DIY weaving looms. Important was to see the difference between the classic form and the newly designed version. As much as the work with wool fibers using new technologies since there has been a strong relation with wool in Iceland.



Source files

Licence and credits

Attribution — ShareAlike CC BY-SA This activity has been designed by Petra Garajova for It is based on Fabricademy´s learning content of Soft Robotics.

Last update: December 23, 2022