2. Innovation Services



This sketchbook, co-created with WP3 partners, promotes the actions that a lab performs to connect with its context for research and innovation, while enabling its layered community.
There are three levels:
Community level: engaging with the local lab community, raising awareness, and creating a safe space for discussion.
Research level: in-depth hands-on research and knowledge transfer.
Business level: new collaborations: exchange of knowledge, co-creation.

Marilena's example of 'my interactions'

Camille's description of her activity.

This allows the Ambassadors to have a detailed activity description under ”Activity” for 1) a better understanding of what they’re going to do as activities and 2) a better feeling of the activities. They could then share this information and a clear plan to discuss internally in the labs.

Marilena's Planning and Takeaways examples

Template Mural:

PDF file

Last update: March 8, 2023