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One-on-One Coaching

When you have the skills, direct support with one-to-one coaching is also an option.

Goals of the get-together/activity/session/etc

In a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, one early-stage female innovator receives coaching for her business idea to bring her product to the next level. Focus is on the product and getting one step closer to a functional prototype.

Female innovator: Hannh Fischer with the project “Boob Talk”, a seamlessly knitted bra for bigger breasts without an underwire


  • Lab equipment/ machinery depending on the technologies used
  • Textile materials
  • Software


  • Lab staff that can operate the machinery
  • Team member with experience in ideation, collaborative development and coaching
  • One outside expert (knitting) to fill gaps were lab personell has not enough knowledge


  • Chose a suitable candidate for coaching, as we focused on mentoring for the product development stage we were looking to support an early-stage candidate
  • Prepare coaching sessions by having samples of materials and technologies at the ready


  • Don’t try to fit to much into one session
  • Set expectations and limitations for the sessions
  • Keep communication up between sessions
  • Don’t try to set unrealistic goals
  • Focus on what the founder needs and wants, and not on what you can do best


  • If it worked before, “recycle” technologies and methods that you have used before


1 – First session (3h)

Let the founder explain their idea and vision and the problems that need to be solved to make the product into a market-ready prototype. Let them show you prototypes they made and what the have (sucessfully and unsucessfully) tried before. Identify key issues and offer your expertise. Make a roadmap for the current and upcoming sessions. Have a look at samples and materials to find common ground and a direction where to go together.

2 – Second session (3h)

Create first, basic samples and discuss the pros and cons for these samples. Create a plan for the intensice session. Try out things that might or might  not be suitable to explore the possibilities.

3 – Third, intensive session (8h)

Based on the results of the second session, make more complex samples that reflect the final product better. We had an outside knitting expert come in to enhance the quality of our coaching.

Last update: December 2, 2022