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One Day Workshops

One day workshops are easy to implement and replicate in different contexts, locations and taget groups. Labs can develop their portfolio or one day workshops and create programs to offer it either to specific groups or open to the public.

We normally recommend a 2-4hours workshop in this format, but depending on the activity it can also be a full day (8hours) workshop including lunch.

There are infinite variations for a one day workshop!

Green Fabric

Name of Initiative

Green Fabric is a textile fablab established in Brussels (Belgium) in 2019. This is a place dedicated to creation which offers a shared workshop place, a textile fablab, a creator coworking as well as a second-hand fabrics and haberdashery shop. The textile fablab is a hands-on and textile experimentation lab aiming at facilitating innovation and empowering our fablab users. Green Fabric was created by Valentine Fruchart, a Fabricademy alumna. Green Fabric took part in the Discovery Path with 5 activities on modular fashion, textile and coding workshop, and knitting machine hacking, collaborating with 3 different institutions (Academy of Fine Arts of Tournai, Francisco Ferrer institution, Royal Academy of Fine Arts). Direct feedback: "We were really happy with the workshops that we gave. It really helps us connect to the design and textile school in belgium. The participants were really enthusiastic about the workshops and we had good feedback from boths students and teachers. We are hoping to give more workshops the following years to the design school in Belgium." We want to continue to work with design textile school and students. We really think that it is a great way to make interaction between the textile fablab and the schools and that it is nice for the students to learn about textile and technologies, open source and all the fabricademy project. It is also a great way to promote the Green Fabric textile fablab to the people who would be more interested to use the place and machines afterward. At least 2 of the 3 schools we worked with are interested to make more workshops next year."

Take a look at our workshops:

Attribution Green Fabric was represented by Stephanie and Valentine during the shemakes project.
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Last update: November 25, 2022