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title: WOOL MONDAYS: a distributed series of events to rethink wool

Wool Mondays are three hybrid and diffused events in May, 2022, that are held contemporaneously at labs across the World.


Check-out the list of events and register here

WOOL MONDAYS EVENT - Local Ecosystem Mapping

15.00 - 17.30
Wool Ecosystems by Shemakes Labs and external speakers
Introduction of the project
Ice-breaker with emotional networking on wool
Presentation of labs:

frontrunners_labs (Austrian context, FarmLab, Dutch context, Waag team and invitee (Sanne Muiser, Mariana Anacleto), Catalan context, Iaac team and ambassador Petra Garajová

discovery_research labs (Greek mountain context, Decode Lab, Romanian context, Redu and ambassador & invitee (Alexandra Florea and xxx) Alpine context, Onlfait, Belgium context, Green Fabric)

mature_ecosystems (Icelandic Wool context, Icelandic Center, Prato context, Lottozero, UK and beyond, Center for Circular Design, European Wool Day, EWE foundation)

Q&A and launching of the co-creation session (10mn)

17.30 - 19.00
WAAG, Green Fabric, ONLFAIT organised local events with local context specific formats.
Online co-creation: Participants have been divided into 4 groups and interacted thanks to the Miro board.
Collective debrief, with physical and online labs.

Have a look into the LOCAL ECOSYSTEM MAPPING online recording:


The agenda of this session was:
15:00 - 16.00 : Presentations, online
Landing - Welcome and local round of intro from each Lab
SheMakes & wool
Color & wool by Cecilia Raspanti - TextileLab Amsterdam / Waag
Labs research - TextileLab Amsterdam Waag, FarmLab, Redu & Poartă-mă cu flori, Iaac FabTextiles, GreenFabric
16:00 - 19: 00 : Colours in Practices with Labs check-in
Local events: WAAG, REDU, IAAC, Green Fabric
Online: regular check-up between the labs, possibility to follow up the making.

Here is the booklet for DAY 2.

The presentation

The video (coming)


The agenda of the session was: 15: 00 - 16.30
Landing - Welcome
SheMakes & wool month - 3rd episode
Little Wool Factory, an overview of processes and stories
Labs Tour
16.30 - 19.00: Local workshops
Local events: WAAG, REDU, IAAC, Green Fabric, Onl’fait
Online: There was no direct interaction with online participants. Labs connected at the end to wrap up.


Last update: July 25, 2022