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title: WOOL MONDAYS: a distributed series of events to rethink wool

Wool Mondays are three hybrid and diffused events in May, 2022, that are held contemporaneously at labs across the World.

Discover the playlist of events and below:

Discover the booklet for labs to make it happen in your territory!

DAY 1- Local Ecosystem Mapping

15.00 - 17.30
Wool Ecosystems by Shemakes Labs and external speakers
Introduction of the project
Ice-breaker with emotional networking on wool
Presentation of labs:
-frontrunners_labs (Austrian context, FarmLab, Dutch context, Waag team and invitee (Sanne Muiser, Mariana Anacleto), Catalan context, Iaac team and ambassador Petra Garajová
-discovery_research labs (Greek mountain context, Decode Lab, Romanian context, Redu and ambassador & invitee (Alexandra Florea and xxx) Alpine context, Onlfait, Belgium context, Green Fabric)
-mature_ecosystems (Icelandic Wool context, Icelandic Center, Prato context, Lottozero, UK and beyond, Center for Circular Design, European Wool Day, EWE foundation)
Q&A and launching of the co-creation session (10mn)

17.30 - 19.00
WAAG, Green Fabric, ONLFAIT organised local events with local context specific formats.
Online co-creation: Participants have been divided into 4 groups and interacted thanks to the Miro board.
Collective debrief, with physical and online labs.

Have a look into the LOCAL ECOSYSTEM MAPPING online recording:


Discover the Co-creation Miro's exercice


Agenda The agenda of this session was:
15:00 - 16.00 : Presentations, online
Landing - Welcome and local round of intro from each Lab
SheMakes & wool
Color & wool by Cecilia Raspanti - TextileLab Amsterdam / Waag
Labs research - TextileLab Amsterdam Waag, FarmLab, Redu & Poartă-mă cu flori, Iaac FabTextiles, GreenFabric
16:00 - 19: 00 : Colours in Practices with Labs check-in
Local events: WAAG, REDU, IAAC, Green Fabric
Online: regular check-up between the labs, possibility to follow up the making.


The presentation


Agenda The agenda of the session was: 15: 00 - 16.30
Landing - Welcome
SheMakes & wool month - 3rd episode
Little Wool Factory, an overview of processes and stories
Labs Tour
16.30 - 19.00: Local workshops
Local events: WAAG, REDU, IAAC, Green Fabric, Onl’fait
Online: There was no direct interaction with online participants. Labs connected at the end to wrap up.



Last update: November 21, 2022