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Your title

Describe what you want to explore, what problem or opportunity does it answer and why this makes sense for your research/lab. Describe what is the posisble outcome in term of workshop.


Researching together about the heritage and life cycle of wool-making in your territory.

In (your country).... Historically, nowadays,

Local wool characteristics and typology

What does you local wool look like? Is it

Key actors and active locations in the field The name of the company/org/initiative (Name-Company) is a textile (name manufacturer/company) in the (your location)

Mapping connections

Explore and interview people, capture places and process. Experiment with. Observe gender gaps and stereotypes

Previous projects connected to wool


  1. What did you learn?
  2. What are the "hot topics" to explore?
  3. What are the cultural specificity/gaps of the place?
  4. With whom collaborate for our little factory project?

Last update: August 3, 2022