1. Learning Paths



As one of the sketchbooks that were developed by WP4 to support activities in the WP2 learning paths.

The learning paths accompany hands-on workshops or planning a series of group activities.
It was designed:
● To teach Ambassadors practical skills, techniques or ideas to implement in their journey in the Transfer Lab.
● To prepare Ambassadors for the role of leading, e.g to overcome the fear of speaking in public, providing tips and resources to prepare for delivery.
● To function as a tool of communication and discussion with the Gurus and Transfer Labs. This allowed Ambassadors to share their ideas and questions during the one-on-one sessions.

This Sketchbook also allows to document the experience in the shemakes Open Toolkit. It supports the following content:
PLANNING: What are your workshops’ objectives?
PREPARATION: What do you need to prepare and what do you need for the workshop?
A WELL-STRUCTURED AGENDA: What will you do in your workshop and when will you do that?

Objectives workshop (Discovery Ambassadors).

Tasnims’ 2nd-day schedule and preparation for the Smart Stitches workshop.

Template Mural:

[PDF file](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xMeG9-5x0uc1IpxqgHeb89O_DHpIAlH6/view?usp=sharing){.md-button .md-button--primary }
Last update: March 8, 2023