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Round Table

Target Age Duration Objective
Active community members all ages (25+) 2 hours Networking, Encourage & Inspire

This activitiy is described based on the consulting sessions that happened during the months of April and May 2022 at the Lottozero Lab based in Prato - Italy.

Lottozero event

Activity's Goals

The goal of this activity is to give certain brands the opportunity to present not only their product but also the ideas ( and the person behind it). Participants were also asked to mention how their gender has influenced their career.


  • monitor
  • speakers
  • presentations (best if collected before the day)
  • many chairs and small tables
  • drinks and food


We recommend at least 2 people to run the activity, in particular: * Facilitator/ Moderator * Observer: Someone taking notes, writing down the interesting information * Documenting the process: pictures & videos (don't forget to have the consent forms signed)


  • scout a location
  • stage (monitor and speakers )
  • room, set up chairs for expected public and more that can be brought out on occasion


  • Since the participants are not getting paid DO confirm the participation in the days landing up to the event
  • Take the time to explain carefully what the project is about, its objectives and its expected results and make sure the theme of the round table is relevant to them
  • Get to know the brands well so that the presentation is smooth and the questions asked (and replies given) pertinent
  • Have a previous conversation with the participants to ensure they are comfortable with public speaking and she understands the dynamics and the objectives of the round table
  • Have them sign the consent forms as soon as they arrive
  • Always remember to take pictures and photos, both professionals and for social media.

Lottozero event


1 - Arrival and introductions (5 min)

Introduce yourselves, the Shemakes project, its objectives and its expected results. Introduce the sitting guests by name only and the theme of the round table. Thank the public for the participation

2 - Presentation of the participating female led brands (10 min total)

Introduce each guest individually with a brief prepared resume, keep written notes to look back to, comment on the individual relation with the guests.

3 - Round table on a preselected common theme (45 min each)

Prepare an introduction for the theme of the round table discussion with only a couple of verified facts Pass the word to one of the guests of the roundtable with a very specific question which relates to the guests activities. Keep a backup of prepared specific questions for every guest in the round table.

4 - Questions and final remarks (15 min)

Briefly sum up the main focal points discussed and then ask the audience if anyone has any questions. If there are no questions ask a prepared question, if this gets the ball rolling great, if it does not conclude the day with a final remark and end the session. Again thank the public for the participation

5 - Drinks and networking moment

Lottozero event

Last update: December 13, 2022