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3D Modeling and 3D Printing Workshop

Learning paths

Path Target Duration Skills
Discovery 18-25 1 day Digital Design, additive manufacturing, parametric design


This workshop aims at introducing beginners to 3D modeling and 3D printing. The aim is empower digital prototyping skills of textile or fashion designers or artisans.

  • Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how 3D modeling and parametric design can help the design and fabrication process

  • Get better orientation and experience 3D environment using prepared examples
  • Prepare your own files for 3D printing
  • Learn to use a 3D printers and set up 3D printing properties

Target audience and contexts of use

Students with an interest in textiles, art school teachers. If participants don't have basic knowledge of the 3D software or no experience with 3D printers.

Recommended number of participants: 8-10


  • 2 moderators for 6 participants

  • Assistive help: Margrét Katrin - TextileLab Project Manager (The Icelandic Textile Center) & documenting the process

  • Shemakes Ambassador: Petra Garajová (Fab Lab Barcelona IAAC)


  • Drinks & snacks
  • Projector + computer
  • Materials: PLA or FLEX filament, textile (mesh - tulle, lycra)
  • 3D printer


    • Presentation - Introduction & Software set up (20 min)
    • Introduction to Rhinoceros: Basics (40 min)
    • Introduction to Grasshopper: Basics (60 min)
    • Digital break (60 min)
    • Introduction to 3D printing: PLA & TPU (30 min)
    • 3D printing settings: Send to 3D print (30 min)
    • Grasshopper scripting (60 min)



- Interface & Navigation
- Curves
- Surfaces
- Solids
- Mesh
- Attractor points
- Image - Pixel trace
- Pufferfish 
- Kangaroo Textile Simulation
- Rhino 
- Mesh edit
- Prusa Slicer
- 3D printing settings
- Meshmixer - Windows / Mac
- 3D Builder - Windows
- Food waste
- Keratin composites
- Grasshopper slicing
- Repetier - software


* The workshops was divided into 3 parts: * RHINO basics > through interactive examples (you will find them below) to understand the 3D modeling environment * Grasshopper basics > mostly an explanation of GH possibilities and prepared scripts defined according to the requests of the participants * 3D printing > preparing and slicing files, set up of the 3D printer

Excercise files



Licence and credits

Attribution — ShareAlike CC BY-SA This activity has been designed by Petra Garajova for It is based on Fabricademy´s learning content of Computational couture and 3d printing and Iaac Fab Lab Barcelona´s learning experiences methodology.

Last update: December 23, 2022