Experience in the Transfer Lab



This Sketchbook is about the Ambassador's experience in the Transfer Lab, tracking Ambassadors’ capacity to emerge as leaders and 'carry the message' to their peers in other cultural and geographical contexts.
The Experience in the Transfer Lab Sketchbooks connects the dots from the previous sketchbooks and what they do in their travels. It explores the local ecosystem beforehand and gives an overview during and after the activity.
This Sketchbook is divided into five sections:


First impressions of the city/culture, illustrating the experience with new factors such as language and resources describing the local ecosystem.
● The first impression of the new city.
● The results of exploring around the new city.

Diana's arrival to Bruxelles


The Ambassadors give their impression of the Transfer Lab, describing the place and the location, machines and setup compared to their experience in the partner lab in phase one. This item highlights how labs in every place have some things in common but are specific to the needs of each city or town as shown in the figure bellow from Diana's sketchbook.


Here, Ambassadors describe their experiences and interaction with the participant labs or lab leaders.
Here WP4 encourages Ambassadors to reflect on:
● What activity did you do, and how did it go?
● Can you tell us about one exciting observation about an interaction with a participant?
● Positive feedback, like someone saying they would like to study this further.
The workshop description includes:
● Summary of what the activities were about and what was the role of the Ambassador.
● Who was the audience for the workshop?
● “Moments of success as a shemakes Ambassador”
● Describe what you have done during the activities.

Photos from Jessica's workshop activities

Reflections and Takeaways

In this section, WP4 encourages Ambassadors to reflect about their goals, the values, and the impact through the shemakes’ experience in the lab for the participants and how this role brings changes in their future careers.

Tasnim's Reflections and Takeaways

Template Mural:

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Last update: March 8, 2023