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Opportunities Newsletter

Target Age Duration Objective
Innovators community all ages (25+) 2-3 hours per newsletter

Description and Goals

Through the surveys that Lottozero perfomed with the women innovators in their network, the Lab realized that female fashion entrepreneurs need more access to opportunities and funding. The Lab then gathered a group of emails and started to provide information to the community by sending them a regular newsletter of the funding opportunities that they were aware of and useful tips to access them.


  • a computer with internet access
  • a newsletter automation system is interesting but not necessary when its done on just a piloting level. E.g. Mailchimp, Hubspot, Moosend...
  • all our information on the topic derive from the variety of newsletters we ourselves subscribe to, the constant studying of the websites of the EU, various italian Ministries, the chambers of commerce
  • We use a webstie called Deepl to translate the content


We recommend at least 2 people to run the activity, one to do the research and the second one to keep the contacts with the brands


A constant regular online research on topics that might be relevant to your community. For the topics you desire to share, take a moment to deepen the research into the presented opportunities, so you can also understand where you can give tips and be useful for the ones receiving this information.


From the experience at Lottozero, we realized there is not really time to reply to all the additional information request and this is problematic. Try to have an open conversation with your newsletter audience that, if that's the case, time to resppond might be longer than expected, or that your lab has limited capacity for partnerships at the moment (if the requests are related to projects you cannot accomodate)

Last update: October 20, 2022