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One-on-one Consulting

Target Age Duration Objective
Active community members all ages (25+) 2 hours per week Networking event

This activitiy is described based on the consulting sessions that happened during the months of April and May 2022 at the Lottozero Lab based in Prato - Italy.

Activity's Goals

We believe that a country like Italy is even a little harder than most for young female fashion entrepreneurs as there are almost no public funding opportunities and the access to credit for self employed women and/or entrepreneurs is practically non existing, this makes it even more fundamental that local brands and designers be informed of any opportunity that could tailor to their needs.

Our Goal for this activity is to give personalized and structured advice to female entrepreneurs ether starting or running a sustainable fashion design business

All the brands we held this session with are sustainable fashion brands (start-ups or established) led by female designers


  • a brief form created to assess the current situation and the requested consulting points
  • a prepared feedback form to jot down all conversation points as the consultation is taking place


A team member with a proven experience in startup and business consulting, both a formal and and informal network and constant adjournment of their fashion and business knowledge should hold this activity


  • Agreeing with the interviewed about the time and hour for online consultancy
  • Sending out the consultancy form and the zoom link
  • Reading the compiled form and studying the profile of the women and the companies taking part in the consultancy
  • Preparing a set of links that may be useful to them either way
  • Taking notes on the feedback form including all relevant discussed information
  • Defining and sharing a detailed plan of the next steps with the brand and/or designers
  • Sending a feedback email maximum 2/3 hours after the end of the session


DO Understand exactly what the objective of the consultancy is, and it has to be one specific challenge in order to find a satisfying result in so little time

DO give a very specific and limited timeframe for the consultancy


1 - Overview of brand and designers needs and necessities, strengths and shortfalls (10 min)

2 - Specific tips, pointers and connections (20 min)

3 - Set up next steps and activities plan (15 min)

Last update: November 2, 2022