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Draping Moulage Workshop

Learning paths

Path Target Duration Colaboration Objectives
Discovery 18+ 4h Vilnius art academy Implement new skills into curricula


Learning Garment draping technique with Vilnius art academy Fashion Design students Draping is a technique used to make a 3-dimensional dress pattern with the aid of a dress form figure by pinning and placing fabric against the form to create a garment. Draping technique is generally used in making garments but can also be used to develop new clothes design. It allows to sculpt and create one-of-a-kind designs.

Activity description

Students learned draping/moulage technique and using a piece of white fabric created their own garment design.

Learning Outcomes

  • Draping/moulage technique history, cultural knowledge
  • Pattern + Reproduction
  • New skills, and crafting techniques


  • Presentation of the activity
  • Introduction to draping/moulage technique
  • Mood board creation
  • Pattern making techniques
  • Creative fabric draping

Preparation and materials


    * Pins
    * Scissors
    * Color markers 
    * Mannequin


    * old magazines
    * 1 meter of white linen fabric

Estimated cost
Always consider to find local providers - BOM of materials for 1 participant (total: €9.32)

Item Quantity Cost (€) Link to vendor
Fabric cotton "DITE" 2 meters €5.33
Fibre-Tip Pens 10 €2.00
Pins set 1 €1.99

General Feedback on the activity

Some of the students were already familiar with this technique. For others it was a new experience. However, all of them got some new skills, especially how to mark and cut the garment, and how to step forward with draping technique.


Licence and credits

Attribution — ShareAlike CC BY-SA

This activity has been designed by Andrea Wolf-Simone with the help of Vivitop for

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Last update: December 23, 2022