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Another idea to support innovators in business engagement is to put women entrepreneurs back at the center of achieving the objectives of this task, by building on the strengths of the community.

Goals and format

The process can be defined as "a group of people who want to improve their professional practice, whatever it may be, and who help each other to do so because they believe they can learn from each other.”

A co-development session takes place in 2 hours with, at the centre, the "Client" who wishes to launch a project or solve a problem and, around him, the "Consultants" who help. In concrete terms:

  • Around a table, 5 women entrepreneurs and a facilitator are brought together to help them go from being idealists to innovators, and to fully realise their potential.
  • A session is based on a specific situation of one of the entrepreneurs, which the 4 others will be led to understand, question, give their inspirations, contacts, feedback…
  • At each session, we change roles so that each entrepreneur takes on the role of the one getting inspiration. At the end of the cycle, each woman will leave with her own action plan to advance her project or career and will have provided inspiration to the four others.

Date and location

The workshop took place over 5 weeks, with one codevelopment session every week focusing on a different entrepreneur and her challenge. It took place in Le Textile Lab’s premises.


Globally, the entrepreneurs told us that it helped them realise that they can be more successful through the practice and inspiration of others. And that also, it helped them end up with an action plan to tackle their challenges.

Here are the five challenges:

  • Help me to have all the keys to make my project viable.
  • How to create a community of actors in my project?
  • What position should I take today to make my project a success in 3 years?
  • How can I bring my ideas together in a coherent concept?
  • Help me to organise myself and gain stability to develop my artistic career.

If you want to know more about this activity, feel free to contact the lab who organized it: Le Textile Lab.

Last update: December 2, 2022