Shemakes Voices

The Purpose
Shemakes Voices was created to give visibility and resonance to the experience and know-how of shemakes’ female Advisors. In these interviews, we share their trajectory, their successes and stories.

A set of standard questions has been developed that are modified by each interviewer after a preliminary call with and research on the Advisor. These questions aim to open a conversation on an interesting topic, for which the interviewee is passionate, in order to engage the public. The conversation is intentionally kept on a light and not too academic level to appeal to women of all ages, nationalities and education levels. About halfway through the interview we introduce questions about the female experience: the relevance of gender in her career and whether she experienced barriers because of it, and if she perceives the need to encourage women in her sector. These questions connect to the shemakes gender vision, but again, are part of a wider discussion that avoids dogma. We also include questions that relate specifically to her and women’s contributions to a future sustainable fashion or textile industry.

The format thus poses a dialogue between the interviewer and the Advisor connected to the different themes that shemakes addresses in other WPs. This space invites us to listen, participate and reflect through personal and professional growth to a call to action towards a positive impact, which we want to address throughout the project. This format aims for a fruitful conversation that will leave a key message for the shemakes community.

The structure

The interviews match nine members of the partnership with the nine Advisors; the coordination of this matching and the preparation of interviews, dates, and their promotion is conducted in collaboration with FLOD.
The interviewers work with predefined questions and adapt them based on the advisor’s topics: gender vision, lab activities, innovation, skills.

Silvia Brandi Rebecca Earley Valeria Valotto
Aurélie Mossé Daniela Toccafondi Grace Jun
Gabriela Macoveiur Marte Hentschel Bill Macbeth

Last update: March 8, 2023